Do your own internship

Learn to solve in-demand product problems.

Progressions are flexible guided projects that are designed to improve your product capabilities through application. You learn product skills through real-world scenarios and focused application. You get access to structured problems, step-by-step guides, and a solutions library to help along the way.


Consumer Products

Introductory product management for simple consumer applications

How It Works

Progressions are created to focus on the actual on-the-job skills needed to excel as a product manager. Each progression comes with requirements, artifacts, and expectations to assist you in gaining product experience.

Progressions are designed by product practitioners to expose you to the same level of problem solving that you would have working as a product manager. Progressions can be completed online from anywhere and are self-paced to fit into your busy schedule. Each progression has soft deadlines and suggested effort times to help you budget your time. A sample progression looks like:

WEEK 1: User and Competitive Research

WEEKS 2-3: Product Exploration and Development

WEEK 4 - Product Strategy

What You'll Gain

Whether you're just getting started or you're looking to gain a specialty, progressions enable you to learn and apply product skills. Progressions exist for complete novices and starting product managers who are looking to level up.


Gain exposure to real product problems

Learn how to solve real product problems and enhance your skills.


Design and build products

Learn how to create wireframes and build functional MVPs


Complete anywhere and anytime

Progressions can be completed online from anywhere. They are self-paced to fit into your busy schedule.


Access tactics library for resources

Access solutions library with resources to help you complete each project.