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Create an app that helps users achieve their goals and stay motivated.

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As a product manager for Torch, you’ll be tasked with creating an app that helps users achieve their goals and stay motivated. If you’re interested in building consumer products or want to go through an end-to-end build, then this progression is for you.

What You’ll Do

In this progression, you'll learn how to do an end-to-end build for a consumer product. You'll go through the main stages of product development and try new skills at each stage.

  • Strategize on how to design a reward system and incorporate social interaction
  • Learn how to construct a product requirements document
  • Design wireframes for features
  • Develop a lightweight functional product
  • Define how to measure success

Don't know how to code? Don't worry! This progression will teach you a lightweight version of how to do everything, without bogging you down with unnecessary technical details. You don't need to be able to code or design - just be excited to learn how to use new tools.


Explore Features

Design Flows

Build MVP

Define Metrics

What You'll Get


Gain product exposure

Learn how to solve real product problems


Enhance your skills

Learn how to define, design, and build products


Complete anywhere and anytime

Complete online and at your own pace


Add to your resume

Add completed experience to your resume

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